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Comenda Elite F3EHR glasswasher

Comenda Elite F3EHR glasswasher
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The F3EHR is a complete washing system that operates with reduced water and energy consumption to meet the needs of small to mid-sized locations, including schools and restaurants. The 14 litre deep drawn tank with self-draining pump, together with a door micro switch and thermostats ensure safe operation. An electronic digital display panel provides accurate system information. The patented WRIS washing system consists of two separate rows of wash nozzles per wash arm with a row of rinse nozzles in the middle. The double row creates two separate water blades that hit the dishware simultaneously, providing a highly effective cleaning action by significantly increasing the contact time between the water and dishes. Additional features include a patented Rinse Control Device (RCD) which keeps water at a constant temperature of 85 �C throughout the rinse cycle, even when water pressure is low, ensuring compliance with stringent WRAS backflow-protection regulations. Maintenance of the unit is simple as the filters on the tank, washing systems and rack holder can be changed in seconds. F3EHR Features:
• Multi Power
• Electronic Control Panel
• Rinse control device guarantees 85�c rinse temperature
• WRAS approved to category 3
• Integral rinse booster pump
• 60 Racks per hour
• Integral Drain Pump
• Rinse aid & detergent injectors
• Hot or Cold Fill
• Patented WRIS S/Steel Integrated rinse & wash arms
• Door Micro-switch
• Auto fault diagnosis system
• Clearance Height: 300mm
• Double Skin Cabinet / Door
• Deep drawn tank - rounded corners
• S/Steel Micro filtration system
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